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1404654_215084462006377_248334866_o-2B-Hyves are a Disruptive concept in the field of Angel Investing.They are a series of Angel Investment funds around the word focused on creating value in their regions. That however is an inadequate description, we believe. So read on !

 B-Hyves choose to focus on Business Process IT solutions.

On a generous estimation, Enterprise IT Users rarely leverage more than 10-15% of the capability of these expensive solutions that they invest in. Add to that Training costs, that usually runs into multiples of the cost of buying these and then trying to deal with high HR turnovers in economies like India. The TCO is gargantuan. And the shoe is Pinching !

B-Hyves aim to bring about a change in this by leveraging domain expertise and building solutions around business practices, instead of molding business practices to IT solutions.

We believe in cutting the shoe to fit your foot. Not the other way around, which really is the way business processes are addressed by IT today. Ouch !

Originated in Europe, B-Hyves are promoted and led by seasoned Entrepreneurs, each with several decades of cross domain track record of innovation and success, with an understanding of what it takes to build enterprise ground-up in true start-up fashion.

Currently B-Hyves are operative in Europe, India and starting up in the USA.

B-Hyves have made about half a dozen investments in Europe and are on track to commence investments in Joint Ventures in India starting with January 2014.

B-Hyves invest in business process IT solutions in Healthcare, Supply Chain and Logistics, HR and Real Estate.

With B-Hyves promoters having built successful businesses in IT solutions in these domains, they are in a position to bring global best practices, cutting edge technology, project management and scaling up to international markets. Typically, these are blind spots for start-up entrepreneurs.

B-Hyves also bring into play, extensive global cross selling potential which for potential partners (ISVs) means going global with their products faster, cheaper and with local expertise.

Their investment philosophy places great value on domain knowledge and is built around a readiness to contribute more than mere capital by leveraging its own development centers and project teams.

This opens the doors of IT to a completely new class of entrepreneur – one with  basic or no IT skills but high quality domain expertise.  B-Hyves also open the possibility for old economy businesses, which are high on domain expertise in a local context,  to Joint Venture with B-Hyves and monetize this expertise and create solutions for domains that they obviously understand best.

This in real terms means converting IT from being an Expense to an Opportunity to earn profits!

There is then also, the possibility for existing Business Process Solutions that may have missed the bus to leapfrog back into the game by leveraging cutting edge technology and vast global markets through the cross selling potential that B-Hyves leverage for them.

Above all we at B-Hyves, are teams of people who have been through the journey that you are now contemplating to embark on. So drop us a mail, call us. You would be glad you did.

It isn’t only money that we invest.

Do visit us at for a start.


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    Starting up Biotech support in US and India.

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