Evolve or Perish ! – From the NASSCOM Product Conclave Blog



In a world that is characterized by constant flux adaptability, agility and innovation are three imperatives for survival. Nowhere is this more relevant than in the field of software where paradigm shifts are occurring owing to the internet led trends such as cloud, social media and big data.

The enterprise software segment needs to make the most changes, as it is has mature products typically built on yesterday’s technologies and architectures. To stay relevant in today’s market and according to INFOR CEO Charles Philips, his strategy hinges on the following three principles:

  1. Create specialized applications for micro verticals
  2. Leverage internet based architecture
  3. Focus on personalized experiences

About INFOR : With revenues of $2.8 Billion and growing, and a customer base of more than 70,000, they aim to build applications are built on subtle, personalized experiences that are meaningful, pleasurable and convenient. They structure these experiences on real-time and standardized architectures, enabling dialogues between the applications with a sequential workflow with visibility into each other. There is watertight integration and moving with the tide, more mobile experiences.
The mindset and the vision clearly needs to be  - enterprise software will be seamlessly interconnected. Standalone applications will perish and the connected will evolve and thrive.

The established players in Enterprise IT clearly wish to change within strategies that protect that their existing investments and are unable to abandon these positions to adopt the new Paradigm that B-Hyves clearly symbolize !




  1. Abha Maryada Banerjee December 7, 2013 12:49 pm  Reply

    Extremely interesting concept for the Software Industry! Could be a game changer of sorts

  2. Akash Rajpal December 7, 2013 12:51 pm  Reply

    Thanks for publishing these nice insightful blogs. I get to keep in touch with changing industry thoughts & keep things relevant for my startup.
    This article is so try to date specially in healthcare. There is hardly any standardisation in hospital & patient management softwares & technology used for the same , which is an irony of sorts as it can lead to disastrous patient care outcomes in time when ELectronic health management systems will penetrate deeper.

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